Combining TMX Translation Memories in CafeTran

Several translation memories in .tmx format can be combined into one. First, create a folder in Finder and copy the desired translation memories into it. Next, follow one of the two ways to create a combination TM.

1. In Project Interface

1. Start a new project or open an existing project in CafeTran.

2. Make sure that the "Memory" menu is activated in the menu bar by checking it in the "View" menu.

Memories Menu

3. Select "Open memories folder..." from "Memory" drop down menu.

Open Memory Folder

4. Select previously prepared folder with the TMs and press "open."

5. The folder name appears in the tabbed pane. It should be already highflier, but if not, click on the tab to open it.

6. Select "Save memory as..." from "Memory" drop down menu.

Save memory as

A popup window will appear. Click on the button that corresponds to the combined memories folder.


At this point, nothing happens yet.

7. Select "Save project" from "Project" drop down menu.

Save Project

Although a popup instruction states that TMs are saved separately, this action saves the TM in this case.


A window will open to give a name of the project and select a destination folder. Chose a name and a folder for the new TM and hit "Save."

Now, a new combined .tmx TM is saved in the destination folder and can be used as one merged or joined TM.

2. In CafeTran Dashboard

1. Check "Memories folder" in "Translation memories (TMX)" panel.

Memories folder checked

2. Click "Add memory" button in the same bar.

3. Select the memory folder and open it. It should be checked in "Translation memories (TMX)" panel.

Combined TM checked

4. Start a new project or open an existing project.

5. Follow steps 5 through 7 of the previous section.

For some reason, the second option does not work on my computer.